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Insights | Avery Dennison

Helping create standards-based DPP prototypes and an implementation blueprint - our involvement with CIRPASS in the news

News | SDC

How to Build a True Circular Economy in the news

Report | Avery Dennison

The Missing Billions: The Real Cost of Supply Chain Waste - assessing the state of global supply chains worldwide in the news

News | CNBC

Avery Dennison and Wiliot enable customers to turn data into actionable insights to reduce waste. in the news

Press Release | Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison joins the Global Battery Alliance in the news

News | Supply Chain

Act now on preparing for EC Digital Product Passport laws in the news

News | Sustainable Brands

Connected products platform illuminates “soul” of products by improving supply chain visibility, featuring Gap Inc. in the news

Podcast | Gossip about Gossip

Tracking the lifecycle impact of billions of products on Hedera, powered by in the news

Press Release | Avery Dennison announces ChatGPT integration and a DPP Essentials module in the Spring ‘23 release in the news

Event | WEF, Davos 2023

Meet us in the Hedera pavilion at Promenade 71. Engage with a demo and speak with our experts to learn more. in the news

Press Release | Avery Dennison

Partnership between Avery Dennison and SAP aims to deliver reduction in waste for retailers in the news

Podcast | Mr Beacon

Understanding serialization platforms, with Max Winograd

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