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Driving savings and sustainability through traceability

Powered by pioneering capabilities to track a product’s raw materials, the story of everyday items becomes a single source of truth, where a product’s origins and its entire journey can be chronicled and made available to brands, retailers, and consumers. This is the power of connected products, delivering end-to-end transparency for new business models that are both profitable and sustainable. enables inventory accuracy

Enabling real-time inventory accuracy across all stages of the supply chain drives savings, efficiency, and profitability

Driving savings, efficiency, and profitability through supply chain optimization and operational excellence establishes trust and transparency

Establishing trust and transparency by providing verified sustainability credentials with data supports your net-zero journey

Supporting your net-zero journey through carbon footprint mapping and reduction enables waste reduction and elimination

Enabling waste reduction and elimination with real-time actionable insights creates a direct communication channel

Creating a direct communication channel through engaging consumer product interaction

Traceability & transparency

Capture the full chain of custody along the supply chain and get real-time insights into the flow of products. Collect and share information about where and how your products are made and what they are made of. enables you to track on a very granular level which raw materials are used for production and capture the full genealogy of their products - a feature that goes far beyond the ability to track finished goods across the supply chain.


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Sustainability & circularity

Track, measure, and analyze the end-to-end carbon footprint for each product individually across the supply chain. delivers verifiable end-to-end visibility of your brand’s emissions at an item-level across the supply chain. The platform also empowers your consumers to contribute to the circular economy by enabling effortless returns so that products can be given a second life. 

Consumer engagement

Turn your products into a digital platform. enables your consumers to interact and connect with your products directly. Targeted, contextual, and personalized experiences give your products a voice, and establish a direct communication channel.

AD_SMT_atma.io_Solutions_1000x1000_Consumer Experience_AW.png Fall ‘22 release launches new granular traceability insight features to help brands deliver operational excellence, supply chain efficiency, real-time compliance, and trusted sustainability credentials.

Key features introduced in this release include: 

Raw Material Traceability and Sustainability Insights that help create efficiencies by tracing all raw materials to finished products in the Hub with just one click. 

Leveraging and our suite of digital ID technologies, brands can easily trace the entire journey of every product to each of the raw materials; match them against PO and lot numbers, and link them to the sustainability and compliance certificates - all in real-time.

atma.io_Fall 22_Thumbnail.png Spring ‘22 release launches groundbreaking sustainability features to minimize carbon footprint and eliminate waste.

Key features introduced in this release include: 

‘Real-time Carbon Impact Analytics’ that provides brands with data-driven insights regarding the carbon footprint of their products, including Scope 3 emissions and beyond. 

‘Real-time Waste Elimination Tool’, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and alert on anomalies and inefficiencies across the supply chain.

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