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Avery Dennison’s brings Digital Product Passport readiness in just a few clicks

Avery Dennison has announced the latest updates to its connected product cloud, making it easy for companies of all sizes to prepare for the forthcoming Digital Product Passport (DPP) legislation via its platform.

DPPs are set to be adopted in key markets starting in 2027, initially affecting industrial and electric vehicle batteries, apparel, and textiles. This means that, by then, every item will need to display a digital product passport connected to a unique product identifier. Avery Dennison’s DPP Portal on the platform offers the essential elements organizations need to create customizable Digital Product Passports, manage product data, and create data carriers to be applied to physical products.

Information sharing will be key to DPP compliance. The end provider of products will need to be able to communicate the information such as the origins of each of the components that make up a product along with carbon footprint and recycling or disposal information. This means transforming relationships with suppliers who will need to provide the data that makes up the DPP.

To respond to upcoming legislation requirements, we are pleased to announce that the Fall ‘23 release will help companies of all sizes easily access and administer DPPs for products in just a few clicks. We have added a new self-service functionality that enables organizations to seamlessly upload key information such as product master data, bill of materials, and certificates. They can then create QR codes that suppliers, regulators, or consumers can read via the DPP essentials module. The self-service DPP portal guides users through each step of their journey to prepare for DPP compliance. In addition, organizations can leverage's AI capabilities to gain actionable insights from DPP data.

Unlike other software platforms that only offer some of the components for DPP compliance, is part of Avery Dennison's holistic, scalable offering of ‘DPP as a Service’ (DPPaaS), an on-demand end-to-end service that includes consultancy, hardware, software (including, digital ID technology, physical labels, and support services – providing brands and suppliers with a holistic approach as they prepare for DPP.

Today, manages over 30 billion items for some of the world’s largest companies including 6 of the top 20 apparel firms. By tracking every single one of these items through the entire supply chain from producer to manufacturer and then on to retailers and consumers, organizations are benefitting from access to unparalleled new information.

Avery Dennison is also playing a pivotal role in relaying the industry’s voice. As an Associate Partner of the CIRPASS consortium, we are working directly with 30 other CIRPASS partners and actively contributing to the development of policy as well as common principles, prototypes, and roadmaps for the deployment of DPPs across value chains and sectors, including apparel, textiles, and electronics. We are also members of the Global Battery Alliance (GBA), which is working towards a global battery passport, as well as Catena-X, an automotive industry association designing and implementing the central communication component of a highly efficient, contractually and technologically secure data ecosystem.

Our ambition is to leverage our network and industry insights to benefit organizations of all sizes as they embark on their DPP journey.

Some of the other highlight features from the Fall ‘23 release include:

  • New certificate management service - to easily manage transaction and scope certificates

  • New interact analytics dashboard - to get real-time insights into how consumers are engaging with your products

  • Freshness dashboard - to gain better insights into the freshness of your stock

  • Warehouse dashboard 2.0 - to analyze and monitor the efficiency of distribution center (DC) processes

To learn about all the Fall ‘23 updates read the Release Notes.


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