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How do real-time carbon impact analytics help reduce supply chain emissions?’s new ‘Real-time Carbon Impact Analytics’ feature provides brands with data-driven insights regarding the carbon footprint of their products, including Scope 3 emissions and beyond. This is a powerful new tool that captures data from every stage of a product’s journey, from raw material to consumer, and can help firms as they work to comply with forthcoming EU ‘Digital Product Passport’ regulations as well as the existing US Food Safety Modernization Act.

Third-party manufacturing environmental impact data, including those provided for the apparel industry by the Higg Index, also factor into these insights. This data is then used alongside’s powerful artificial intelligence to deliver verifiable end-to-end visibility of the brand’s emissions at an item-level across the supply chain. By “making the invisible visible,” helps enable brands to take actions to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability goals.

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