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How do raw material traceability insights deliver efficiency, sustainability, and compliance? introduces raw material traceability and sustainability insights for Fall ‘22 release. By leveraging and our suite of digital ID technologies brands can now easily trace all raw materials, match POs & lot numbers, link sustainability certificates, and ensure compliance.

Brands work with multiple suppliers and raw materials, requiring meticulous management of tedious processes to ensure on-time in full delivery, quality, and compliance. And when product or PO updates need to be confirmed through piles of data, the lack of end-to-end traceability results in compliance risks, inefficient supply chains, lost profits, and distrust. Leveraging, brands can create efficiencies by tracing all raw materials to finished products with just one click. They can then use products as direct communication channels to share insights, and establish transparency, loyalty, and trust.

And with our ‘Integration Suite’ for ecosystem partners, seamlessly connects with enterprise applications and systems to establish a single source of truth across the supply chain. By making the invisible visible, helps brands deliver operational excellence, supply chain efficiency, real-time compliance, and trusted sustainability credentials.


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