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Dayrize and Avery Dennison partner on technology that tracks the impact of billions of products throughout their life cycle

Sustainability impact data and product scoring will enable businesses to track the impact of the products they make and sell throughout their supply chains and allow consumers to make sustainable purchasing decisions.

Partnership in technology
Partnership in technology

Dayrize, a climate-tech company that provides product-level environmental and social impact intelligence and Avery Dennison, a global leader in material science and digital identification solutions, today announced a partnership that will allow companies to measure and track the impact of billions of products through their lifecycle on Avery Dennison’s platform, communicate the environmental impact to consumers in an effective way, and ultimately build more sustainable products.

Dayrize and Avery Dennison will demonstrate the new technology at booth # 6110 on Level 3 at NRF 2024 in New York City from January 14 - 16, 2024. The demonstration will showcase how brands and retailers can use this technology to track and manage their supply chains, promoting more sustainable and ethical business ecosystems.

Avery Dennison’s connected product cloud is a platform that tracks products through their life cycle. The exact impact these products have on the environment will now be available for businesses and ultimately, consumers. Businesses can store and manage a myriad of data points for individual items, including the environmental impact associated with each product — from source to consumer. This will include specific details on carbon emissions, water depletion, and land used for each product. Under the new partnership, Dayrize’s complex sustainability impact data will be presented on Avery Dennison’s platform in an intuitive scoring system to help communicate the environmental impact in a more compelling way.

“Up until now, it has been challenging for businesses to track the environmental and social impact of a single product through its supply chain, but our partnership with Avery Dennison will change that and help businesses and consumers see the true impact of each product,” said Dayrize CEO Austin Simms. “Dayrize is excited to make our product-level sustainability intelligence available through Avery Dennison’s platform. The unparalleled level of impact transparency will enable businesses and consumers to make informed decisions about the sustainability of products.”

Benefits to businesses and brands:

Track and manage the impact of supply chains through a single platform. This level of accessibility fosters trust and accountability among supply chain partners, promoting a more sustainable and ethical business ecosystem by encouraging responsible production practices and reducing the environmental impact of goods and services. They can also share sustainability information about their products with consumers, improving relationships and driving brand loyalty.

Benefits to consumers:

Access environmental and social impact information on the products they are browsing and purchasing, allowing them to make informed decisions. They can also view the impact their purchased products have on the environment throughout their manufacture.

“With, we are capturing and managing highly granular product lifecycle information for our customers. Currently, we are managing over 30 billion physical items on the platform,” said Michael Goller, Senior Global Director,, Avery Dennison. “In partnering with Dayrize, we can tap into their expertise to incorporate product impact data at an unprecedented scale. Together, we are simplifying and streamlining the process of capturing and managing impact data. We see this is an important step to increase transparency by making it easy to communicate sustainability insights to consumers at scale, allowing them to make better informed decisions.”

To learn more about and our partnership with Dayrize, please contact us today.


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