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Digital Product Passports:
What you need to know now and how to prepare

Webinar takeaways

On July 13th, experts from Avery Dennison, Lindsey Hermes (global commercial director), Jake Hanover (director of digital solutions), and Emilie Bartolini (senior government affairs manager, EMENA), got together to discuss all things Digital Product Passport (DPP). They summarized the new policies coming, what DPPs can do for brands, and how to start preparing.

Here are the key takeaways!



  • The climate crisis is driving the move towards a circular economy with a new urgency and legislation is coming that will force the apparel industry to change.

  • In the EU, it will soon be mandatory for important information about the composition of garments to be contained in easily-accessible digital formats.

  • Digital Product Passports (DPPs) will be required and will likely be accessed via digital labels on garments.

  • The advice for brands is to embrace digital product passports to capture all the information, unlock multiple use-cases, and benefit from new business models along the way.

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